Cancer cures in the baking aisle!

Today I learnt about a man named Dr. Simoncini. He is a Roman oncologist who has supposedly found the cure for cancer! What is his cure? Baking soda! Thats right, plain old baking soda! Way cheaper and easier than chemo and no side effects!

Too bad that the basis for his therapy is the idea that all cancer is caused by a fungus. He appears in the video below, watch his amazing powers of deduction that have led him to that conclusion…

Thats right… cancer is a fungus because it is white, and mushrooms are white. Wow. When you mush them up.. they look like cancer, amazing! Candida is the evil fungus he blames, claiming that the majority of cancer patients have Candida in their tissues. Which is no surprise since… “Candida are almost universal on normal adult skin and albicans is part of the normal flora of the mucous membranes of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and female genital tracts which cause no disease.” -Wikipedia

Logically, it makes no sense. It is like saying “Cancer has water in it, most patients who have cancer drink water, therefore water causes cancer!”

Of course to cure the cancer you cant just eat baking soda, or rub it on your skin. No, you have to have it injected into the tumor itself. This is where the quackery turns tragic. Dr. Simoncini has been charged with manslaughter because of these treaments. The article paints a well researched picture of some of the people that have lost their lives after treatment by this man.

It is tragic, heartbreaking and offensive that someone can make these claims and take advantage of people who are dealing with something as horrible as cancer. Of course not all therapies are as obviously absurd as Dr. Simoncini’s, but there is no such thing as a cure all.


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