First post, hopefully not last!

I have decided to start this blog to share my passion for science and skepticism, so for a first post I figure I would talk about what caused me to become interested in these topics to begin with!

I’ve always been the questioning sort, wanting to know the why of something and not always been satisfied with the answers presented to me. I have done my bit at swallowing the mystical pill, believing in supernatural things and trying different spiritual searches and techniques. However I never wanted to stop learning, and if there is one thing that I have learnt, being open to education is the quickest end to belief in the supernatural. Science had all the explanations for the mysteries I experienced, and suddenly the magic wasn’t magical anymore. What was there instead was even more fascinating! Science and the way it allows us to interpret and experience the world around us is, to me, much more exciting! The passion for sharing this has come from my own views and experience in seeing the belief in supernatural and pseudo scientific ideas having a negative impact on peoples lives. This may be my little corner of the web, but in it I hope to help spread these ideas and support the people and organizations that have helped me in my own skeptical education.

I leave you with one of my new favorite quotes, and something I wish more people understood.

NDT Quote


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